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About "Photographs of Cornwall"

Many images in the Cornwall Centre's collection are irreplaceable, many exist only as glass negatives, and digitisation offers the chance of wider access to at least some of them. To begin the process it was decided to join forces with House of Images and to benefit from their extensive experience. House of Images manages this resource on behalf of Cornwall Library Service.

You will probably notice that some pictures have very few details. We would appreciate any informationwhich you can add. Please use the form provided (click here). If you have any images which you think might be suitable for addition to our collection, let us know.

We hope to be able to expand the number of photos on the web site as time and resources allow, and so it will be worth checking "Photographs of Cornwall" frequently.

Enjoy the pictures of Cornwall we have selected and let us know if you think we should add any more of a particular type.